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Marc Osten

Come on Eric...you know as well as anyone that it doesn't take much to get people invested. Think back to your days in the classroom with the little ones.

Miss ya much...give R a bit hug and kiss.

Eric Gidseg

Would that the rest of us had your facilitating skills! Loved this episode though as it is something to which I aspire. I'd love to sous-chef for you any time Marc.
Love to you and the family,

Marc Osten

My friend Jeanne wrote: "Curious about the fennel pesto Marc – share recipe? Were you happy with it? "
OK Jeanne - No formal recipe but basically any basic pesto recipe you like but replace the pine nuts with almonds. The add to taste:

- Ground fennel seed. Probably a 1-2 tbs. per cup pesto

- Finely chopped fennel bulb...I use A LOT. Maybe 1/4 to 1/2 cup per cup already prepared pesto.

- Fresh squeezed lemon to taste. I'm an acid freak so in my case about 1/2 squeezed lemon per cup prepared pesto. That assumes the ravioli has a filling that melds well with the acid.

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