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Ramin Ganeshram

Hi Marc
I am a cookbook writer completing my next book on serious kid cooks/chefs. I LOVE this video. Does Olivia cook a lot? Does she make up her own recipes? I'd love to speak to you about including her in the book and also share all the details and my bio. Can you please contact me?
Ramin Ganeshram

Marc Osten

Micheline - So where's the recipe?

Marc Osten

LinsFood - It really is amazing the amazing magic that happens in the kitchen with our kids isn't it. The science, creativity, development of the senses...

... and then there's the canning, growing, visiting farms ... priceless.

Marc Osten

Alice - The proud papa here. I'm regularly amazed at her poise. She's talked over and over about culinary school but hey...she's got a bit of time to chill with the idea.

By the way, the book is really amazing.


Hi Olivia!!
I just watched your very fabulous and very delicious coconut macaroon video!

I have a favorite recipe too..similar to yours but I don't cook the ingredients first and I add a little flour and almond extract instead of vanilla.
I'm going to try yours and maybe you'll try mine! Kind of like a virtual cookie swap!
For an added special treat I make chocolate sauce and dip half the macaroon in and let it harden..I don't think it will disappoint you!

Thanks so much for sharing another yummy recipe! I look forward to the next one!
xxoo Micheline


Have hopped over from G+. This is awesome! One of my favourite ways to spend time with my kids is the kitchen! Not so sure about the amount of cleaning up though!

Alice Signore

Bravo! Such poise. Very well done with a beautiful, clear presentation. We see a budding professional. All this along with a great, simple recipe and book review. Good luck to you.

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