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Marc Osten

Kevin - Not having Nutella in my life is going to be a big adjustment. First off I just turned 50 and as a gift to myself I no longer feel a need to sneak into the cupboard late at night. Now I just grab it, plunge my spoon in and ... mmmm. Secondly, I just love the way the oblong shaped container fits into my hand thus reducing he cramping that comes when I need to hold the jar for long periods of time.

Now Kevin....as far as the whole enviro-regulation-tax issue, things get complicated fast. I'm on the side, as is no surprise to you, of taxation and other tactics to move consumers/humanity to be more responsible members of our planet. I guess the key is to first untangle the issues or local economic sustainability, personal health, the food industrial complex, environmental health, etc. On this issue of palm oil who do you think is doing the best job or this untangling?

Marc Osten

Kevin wrote - Nutritional value/damage aside, it does seem there is a major environment problem with production of palm oil. So is really so crazy?

Sometimes we have to give up the good stuff... Like Kinder eggs banned in the US (silly), unpasteurized milk, horse meat (banned in the US but which I recently ate in Mongolia and was by far superior to cow or camel meat available there) and absinthe, for example.

Does the culinary compass not sometimes point toward regulation of food the government deems unhealthy? What about soda taxes?

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