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Eric Gidseg

Thanks for the love my brother. And, of course, thanks for the bagels. My dad used to make water bagels by hand and I remember his hands moving so fast they were blurs. When he moved to Tucson he tried to make bagels for them but they never turned out the same. NYC water baby!

Marc Osten

Col - Maybe it's time we start making bagels at home again. Enough of that stupid French sourdough I'm pumping out.

Marc Osten

Peggy - You are so generous. A comment like your pretty much makes my day. Is your six year old grandson cooking a lot. You should definately have him check out Olivia's ABC Cafe at http://www.marcs-culinary-compass.com/abc-cafe/.

As far as posting on Facebook, just put this link in your 'Write Something' box and it will bring up the link with the video. http://www.marcs-culinary-compass.com/2012/11/brooklyn-bagels.html

Finally - go to my FB site and 'like it' :) http://www.facebook.com/MarcsCulinaryCompass

Marc Osten

Thanks Marc - I'll put in on the Culinary Compass Map -


This was full of awesome! The film quality reminded me a bit of the Wonder Years, and the cast of characters was perfect. Thank you for sharing this, now I am hungry.

Peggy Gilbey McMackin

Love this Video! Very Interesting and Fun, the music is great. Even my six year old Grandson loved it- we had to watch it twice! If I can figure out how to Share it onto my Blog Facebook, will do so. Thanks for the entertainment!

marc f

Great post! For those of you visiting San Francisco, I highly recommend the closest to a good ole fashion bagel and bagel shop west of the Hudson River:
House of Bagels, 5030 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94118.

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