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Marc Osten

Tony - If you secure the parchment paper or tin foil then you should have no problem with smells. Simple eh?

Marc Osten

Tony wrote - Nice and easy. I'm trending toward not baking fish anymore because I hate the way it makes the house smell. How do you deal with that?

Marc Osten

Peter - Thanks. Good to know that the videos prompt simple actions. Wish I could wave my hand and get everyone to vote for Elizabeth Warren.

Marc Osten

Peter my friend wrote - Mark,
Thanks for the fish/tin foil idea the other day. I plan to put that baby to work.
Hope all is well. Peter

Marc Osten

Leslie - You are very welcome. It really is amazing how easy and healthy it is. No pan to clean! missing you much.


I *love* doing fish like this and had forgotten about it! Thank you!

Great vid, great recipe, great haircut!

Hope all is well in your 'hood.

Miss you all in France.


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