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Marc Osten

Eric - At least I say it without the valley girl accent.

My dear dear friend Eric

Marc - I love hearing you say, “OH my God!” about 10 times in this episode. Gotta check that place out. I hope that you get to do some serious smoked meat sandwiches while in Montreal. Such a great city.

Marc who is getting hungry from a real steak frites

You rock Jennifer. I'll put it right on the map and definitely hit it next time I'm there. Amy restaurant without a sign that has a 2am closing time on weekdays is a 'must' in my book. The pictures on their web site of the restaurant are amazing....un bistro authentique!

Jennifer Keller Jackson

Try L'Express on Rue St. Denis in Montreal http://restaurantlexpress.ca/. Steak (l'onglet) frites = superb. No sign outside the restaurant but it's packed every night. JKJ

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