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NINA: That sounds like a cute rental house and tell Cisco that that is really cool!


Hey Olivia!

Let me also say how grown up you looked in your cookie video - and poised!

We have a little rental house - very nice, with a beautiful garden (even a fountain/pond) but very small. We are looking for a larger house to buy and settle in. Our rental house does have a super nice little kitchen, though, and Cisco is becoming quite a good cook. His future high school has a professional chef program and his plan is to do that and work his way through college.

I foresee lots of great food in your parents' and our futures!

Hope all is going well with you -


GRACIE!: Thank you so much
SUSAN: Thank you ,please try the recipe they are delicious and my dad worked really hard to produce so he deserves a big round of applause
Jon:He worked hiss butt off for me
Jon G:Thank you i was so happy, Rachel is such an insperation and she is such a kind woman!
MEG: Thank you so much that means ALOT to me!

Meg Bouvier

That's great Olivia! Rachel certainly looked surprised to see someone so young baking-and-blogging. You are an inspiration!

jon gotterer

Awesome post. I love Rachel Maddow It's so great that you put yourself out there to not only meet her but also to bake for her. Your conversation with Rachel is inspiring! Brava!


Satule', Brother Marc - now this is must see TV!

Cheers, J


"FABULOUS!!! Bravo Olivia and Crew!"



Gracie <3


JAMIE ELKIN: Awww shucks thank you.
ANDY: Thank you i hope you try out the recipe!
JILLIAIN: i will definitely do more and i appreciate it when people say i am
good on camera so thank you and i think you will enjoy the recipe if you try.
DAVE: Thank you Dave i am happy you liked it
LUCY:yes! i was so sad when we didn't have chocolate so tell me how yours turn out with chocolate.
ESTELLE: Well you were right about that the cookies were VERY delicious.
AUNT DEBI: Thank you so much that is my dream and every word of kindness brings me closer to it!

Aunt Debi

Very nice Olivia! You did a fabulous job! Our next Food Network star for sure!

love, Aunt Debi

P.S. I also love almond macaroons (just in case you'd like to make me some for my birthday!)

Estelle and Frank

Very entertaining, thanks, we enjoyed..............the cookies look delicious.........


Cool, I'm gonna save this recipe, and get some chocolate. Yum.


Wow! You go Olivia!

Marc Osten

Jamie - Ya got that right Jamie. Wouldn't you just love to have the two of them at your dinner table at the same time. Next time Rachel is in town we'll have her over and invite you.

Jillaine Smith

Olivia, you are AWESOME! I hope you do more of these. You're great on camera. Love your comfort level with ingredients and electric mixers! And really love your hutspuh (sp?) delivering your cookies to Rachel M.

I'm not much of a cook, and you make it really simple while at the same time using ingredients I never would have had the courage to try.

Looking forward to viewing your other episodes.

-- Jillaine Smith
(colleague of your Dad's; met you when you were a toddler...)


Very cool!

jamie elkin

two awesome gals!

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