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Aunt Debi

Very nice Olivia! You did a fabulous job! Our next Food Network star for sure!

love, Aunt Debi

P.S. I also love almond macaroons (just in case you'd like to make me some for my birthday!)

Kathleen Zelman

Olivia is just delicious!!


BTW, love love love that photo and memory of life in France among the lavender fields.


I can confirm that it was very delicious. The flavors of the mint and lavender were so bright, I loved it! Thanks for another wonderful video Olivia.


eric hey thanks for commenting. maybe one day i will get to make so things for you to eat. i am so happy yo liked my video.luv ya byebye


gretchen the last coment was for you


omg part of me will be at her batchlorrette party....im lost for words thank you so much


Ayala thank you for commenting. whenever i get comments from people i dont know it makes me feel good thant other people than the people im related to are watching my videos


mmmmm...looks delicious! Can't wait to try this recipe on a hot day!

Eric Gidseg

You are too awesome for words Olivia! M-m-m-m is right.

Gretchen Kruesi

I simply love this recipe. And your video's are awesome. I'm no pro in the kitchen but your stuff is so easy. I think this will be the perfect drink for my sister's bachelorette party tomorrow. Thanks and keep them coming.

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