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Lol thank you.i figure as a cook you need to let loose and take a risk so even if you do mess up you can start over and learn from your mistakes.Thank you i really love to play with food and i had lots of fun with this easy recipe

Jillaine Smith

"I'm just going to eyeball it..."

You are so inspiring. I've always been afraid to just "eyeball" anything!

And am thoroughly floored at your ability to intuit texture and tastes, and throw things in.

Loving these episodes!!!


aunt kathi.
im tryeng to do one every week now. thank you so much for commenting every time i post something i really really love to get comments. i would like to make some things at cristmhas so then people can taste my food. if you ever see a famouse chef tell them to ook at my videos i love you bye m


im happy you want to eat my food maybe one day you will. please tell me if there is any thing you want me to make


hey jonathan thank you so much. one of the things that worries me when i post a vid is how it looks so that is a huge compliment


cousin Estelle
grammy was just here and i think at christmas i will make some dishes for her. and i will use the sauce. thank you for the comment i really appreciate that


Awesome Olivia! I love how comfortable you are with your ingredients, and with being video taped. You are doing a wonderful job, you are delicious!

Katherine H.


Estelle and Frank Witkowski

beautiful job Olivia..........the sauce sounds wonderful.......bet Grandma Pat would love to use this when she entertains........
cousin Estelle........

Jonathan Klate

Great sauce! Beautiful gal! Well presented!

Aunt Kathi

You are amazing!!! You are such a natural - move over Rachel Ray. Thanks for the shout out, you look great in your apron and the red really pops. And the out take was perfect, I even got to see your dad's gorgeous garden. keep them coming, I love the Olivia's ABC Cafe (and I love you too)!!!

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