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Marc Osten

Take it slow Leslie, drink lots of beer and water and pack me a massive too go bag for me.

As far as your trip out west, sounds like you hit some great places...Cheeseboard.

Leslie L.

I’m actually going to be in NY on Saturday! But how, pray tell, does a girl my size eat $85 worth of meat while the sun beats down at over 100 degrees?

Thanks for the push to Chez Panisse. Unfortunately required reservations weeks/months in advance. Instead I dined at some fabulous locations:
Burma Superstar in Alameda, Graffiti in Petaluma, Cheeseboard Pizza Collective in Berkeley, Esalen dining hall in Big Sur, and Oko in Ukiah. The good food in CA is supurb!

Leslie L.

Marc Osten

Really insane Leslie. It makes me crazy that I won't be there....I can smell the wood burning from here 300 miles away.


Oh.my.god. Did that dancing sax player get bb'qued?! ;}

This looks fabulous! The day after may be less fun...but as Julia Child said:
"You don't eat like this every day!" (do you?!?)

bisous from Aix,

Marc Osten

What a bummer Jim - Maybe you can just tilt your hear the right way, take a big breath in and smell the sizzling fat that is gently trickling down the side of the slowly roasting sides of beef and pork.

Jim P

Arrrrgghhhh! Actually in NYC this weekend, with theater tix for Saturday night. ;-{

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