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COLLEEN:Well thank you i would love to become the blender queen!
JILLAINE: You are right food doesn't always turn out perfect and you need to not be afraid to adjust it to your pallet.


LESLIE:Thank you i do aim for that :)
Jho3446: Well i wouldn't add anything to strong and (in proportion!) i would add coconut rum to stick to the flavor...or tequila(a little)

Jillaine Smith

Love how you taste the first batch and it's not quite right, reminding us to test and adjust. Love your natural courage with food and flavors!

Marc Osten

Jho3446 - My dad says the best thing is to take 1oz of dark rum and add it.


I have often been called the Blender Queen, but I might have to move over! Loved it Liv :)

Leslie L.

hi every one thanks for the comments i realy love seing people whatch my videos because i love cooking and someday want to a somebody in the cooking world.


So how do we turn that mocktail into a cocktail?



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