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nice! thanks for all the tips Sir! Now I can do my own garden.. :)

Marc Osten

Josh - I have the same problem...but then again it really isn't a problem is it! I just can't get enough of that wonderful crunch and burst of juicy flavor inside those pea pods.

By the way...what is 'the allotment.'


Nice one - our peas never make it back to the house as we tend to eat them like sweets down at the allotment!


I read that too fast...thought you were going to rub it all over your pants. Then my mind went to other places...we'll leave it at that :)

Marc Osten

Well Ellen what do you think....how about...

rubbing it all over all my pans so they are ready to go
chopping it all up and storing it in olive oil
drying and grinding it for a chunky garlic condiment
pickling a whole bunch of it

and so on and so on.....


What are you going to do with all that garlic??

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