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Marc Osten

Leslie - So how was the brown rice?

As far as forming into the shape to make the next I suspect it would be fine as long as you can get it moist and sticky. mmmm that didn't sound right, did it?

I'm also an au natural poacher BUT I do think the low tech, hang on the side of pan version is so cool. I love the convenience and the alure of a fail-safe methods BUT BUT BUT there are few things as lovely and sensual as sliding an egg out of ramekin, watching it gently plunge into the water and then seeing it struggle to hold itself together.

Marc Osten

Alison - Thanks for the thumbs up! I do believe that one of the poachers was attached to the toaster. I guess it is a smart concept if you live in a dorm room and eat poached eggs and toast every day. Other than that it seems like the stupidest thing ever!


This is one of my favorite CCs so far - eggs and rice, two of my favorite things. I wanted to eat every single one of those rice dishes you showed, especially the rice balls. YUM! Was one of those egg poaching gadgets on the side of a toaster??


Hey Sugar, what a great idea! I'm making brown rice tonight...will that not work?
(And those eggs look gorgeous!)

Poached eggs on anything is always a win for me! I used to have one of those teflon egg poachers but didn't really like the uniform shape. I prefer my poached eggs 'au natural'...so I've used both a little porcelain ramekin and a sterling silver ladle to drop the eggs into the water. At this point, I prefer the ladle. I oil it to make it easier to slip the egg into the water once it's had a chance to cook a bit. Then into the water, out with a slotted spoon and onto a paper towel...then it's time to eat!

Now I'm waiting for your tips on fried rice!

xoxo from Aix

Marc Osten

Leslie...it's crazy how many egg poaching contraptions there are. What is your favorite method to poach?


Can't wait for the multiple leftover rice dishes! And egg poaching gadgets - who knew?!

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