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CiCi Ellienne

Your title is very "romantic" (how to make love to goat cheese) It's a great title to get the love thoughts goin all in fun.

i'v decided men are very "romantic" critters. (nice way of saying bio-driven)

it takes a man to see the love aspects of goat cheese. (Now now, just sayin' ;)


You are a forking master

Marc Osten

Cici - I'm not sure whether to be flattered or insulted...only kidding LOL!

Alison - Good karma huh! Reminds me of the time I dropped my laptop during the Amsterdam cookie episode. These accidents seem to be the best part of the videos.

Josh - Did you see CiCi's comment. What is it about cheese that stimulates (get it heee hee hee) such innuendo?

Josh Hoole

Thanks Marc, since the commandment is 'Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbours' Goats' Cheese' I'll have to make my own!
My partner, Jane, loves making goats' cheese on circles of rye bread with home-made caramalised onioins - it's our default starter.

[Olive oil made me chuckle!]


Mmmmm, I'm hungry now.

I had to laugh at the perfect timing of the olive oil stopper -
Marc: "Don't be shy with the olive oil"
kerplunk, swoosh goes the oil into the bowl

The goat cheese/sweet combo (jam, confit, etc.) was new to me -- nice!


Emjoyed. You are absolutely adorable. if i ever make love to goat cheese, i will think of u. :D

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