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Marc Osten

Melanie - making cow's milk camembert....you've got to be kidding. I worship at your alter!


What a cool idea! Definitely on my list to try...

Going to try and make some cow's milk camembert today, in keeping with the week's theme. Cheese rocks...who needs chocolate?

Marc Osten

Ciciellienne - As always you are so sweet and too generous. So as far as the Valentine cupcake...what are you trying to say? That they look good? That you want me to make more. That I opened the segment with it? :)

Hey Liam - I did do a cookbook1 You are watching it right now! LOL


Plzz plz plz make a cook book! I will be your first customer!


Love this, especially the Intro, Marc. Love the Valentine cupcake. You need a spot on Food Channel. (Except no licking fingers on Food Channel) :D

Now you make me crave parmesan.

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