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Marc Osten

Joshua - Don't ya wish we could do this all year?


One of the thinks I missed most about Pumpikin carving was the huge trays of pumpkin seeds my mom would roast after we separated it form the gunk inside in a bowl of water. Thanks for this, maybe next October I'll get my act together

Marc Osten

...and Cici I also love to...eat, cook, watch other people eat and especially to know that as a 'sharer' there are others out there who feel the same as I. Food is the great equalizer.

Cici Ellienne

hahaha - I love to watch people eat. They're usually so happy and satisfied and that makes me feel happy too.

And the food looks and sounds scrumptious and that gives me ideas on how to create my own delicious raw yet similar goodies.

I love seeing happy people eating and having a good time. It's the natural mommyness in me I guess. We girls love to feed the world and see happy, satiated people.


Marc Osten

Why oh why? Is there something about the sound of food that resonates for you...pun intended.


You didn't eat them. I wanted to hear the crunch...

Marc Osten

Thanks Daniel...but y are you calling me Marc?


I appreciate that you kept the mess outside of the house!

Daniel Osten

what a creative idea Marc i am happy to see you are insane

- Anonymous viewer

Marc Osten

Claudia - OMG...you are such a sweetie. So have you ever roasted pumpkin seeds? I'm addicted to them but make it a point to never buy them. There is something about just having them for about a month every year. Every December however I do look back and wish I stole everyone's rotting pumpkins so I could make more.


i just love these videos. perfect length. perfect combination of great entertainment and valuable info. thanks marc!

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