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Marc Osten

Bill - Great to hear from you. I understand what you are saying and I guess it was a little rash of me to just jump ship so quickly.

What is the restaurant?



Greetings from the Hudson River Valley. Kelly sent me a link
to your Culinary Compass website, so I checked out a few of the videos.
Cool stuff! Your unfavorable review of the bacon-infused chocolate bar
intrigued me. I had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the
bacon-chocolate pairing in a dessert at a local restaurant staffed by CIA
grads. However, it did include a host of other key ingredients, so it's
not a fair comparison. The bar you ate in the video probably was
unpleasant, but the combo does work in the right context. What I had was
'Bananas Foster with Chocolate/Caramel/Bacon Sauce'. Granted, the bacon
played a supporting role in this case, but the hint of smokey saltiness did
just the trick in transforming what could have been a nauseatingly sweet
ordeal. Another menu item of possible interest to you was a Pomegranate
'Martini' made with Habanero-infused vodka (they made their own infusions).
It was served in a stemless Martini glass over a bowl of crushed ice. The
contrast of icy cold and spicy hot was an invigorating way to start or end
a meal. If you're wondering why I'm speaking past tense, the restaurant
sadly did not survive the recession. It was quite pricey - but worth it and
will be missed.

So don't give up on the bacon-chocolate combo until you've had a chance to
sample it in the proper vehicle.



You are crazy. Glad your teeth survived the chomping of that giant chunk of chocolate!

Marc Osten

How cute...I'd love a bag of those in my pocket! Feel free to buy them as a gift for me any time! :)


To be clearer - it was a lentil shaped and sized little chocolate with cayenne mixed into the chocolate - made for a little sweet, a lot warming. I would nibble them during winter when I was tired and freezing. Don't think Yuri was as keen.

Marc Osten

Ya gotta be kidding me Leslie. Cayenne filled chocolate lentil....??? What was filled, the chocolate, lentil or cayenne?

What did Yuri think?

Leslie Lauf

There was a cayenne filled chocolate lentil I once loved ....

Marc Osten

Melanie...of course the proprietor was ok with my spitting out of the nasty chocolate bar. I'm a celebrity and draw thousands of folks here every day. :)

No...all kidding aside, pumpkin and dark chocolate...mmmm....I'll try it myself this week as its pumpkin seed roasting time.



And I suppose the proprietor of the little cafe was totally OK with the "spitting out" on the side?

Um, yeah, I'm all over the dark chocolate and salt, might be convinced to try a Peppadew in chocolate fondue, but sorry, no bacon.

Right now I want pumpkin and dark chocolate - does she have any bars with that combination?

Marc Osten

Hey Ellen - I saw a lot of pictures online of crispy bacon dipped in chocolate. Since I love chocolate and bacon it makes sense to me that I'd jump at the chance. That bar however really sucked. Maybe the next time we're together we can do the dipped version. I'll be brave!


I am a big fan of chocolate covered pretzels. It is all about the chocolate and salt so that one makes total sense. Not a chili pepper fan so I'll pass there and bacon, does not even sound appealing but now I am curious. I have some bacon in the house. Maybe I'll create my own.

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