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I just watched this again Olivia, you are a natural. Watch out Martha Stewart and Ina Garten, here comes the ABC cafe! I love you!

Gregoire Trevesiol

Hello Marc,

Je lis régulièrement tes messages et j'ai vu ton film sur le zap book et mon livre de recettes. Incroyable !!!! C'est une vraie richesse et si tes amis commencent leur livre, ils seront contents.... Violette commence à s'intéresser à la cuisine !
On t'écirra + longuement de la maison car là je suis au bureau.



Best no stick omelet ever! thanks for the advice. Jeff

Marc Osten

Dear Mr. Aresty - Thank you. How did your omelette taste. Did it stick to the pan?

Jeff Aresty

Hi Olivia
Great show! I'm hungry for an omelette. Think that's what I'm going to be cooking this morning in a little while. from, your dad's friend, jeff.

Marc Osten

Hey Traci - I know...definitely proud but even more than that just feeling good that she is stretching out her wings and taking some risks.

I'm so happy you occasionally watch these and hope you and your no so little anymore little one are doing great.

Traci Gangl

The next Food Network star! She's a natural in the kitchen and in front of the camera. I bet you and Colleen are beaming with pride.

Nina Belmonte

The next Julia! O.O.-la-la

Susan Waite

Way cute and she whoops my butt in the omelet category (mine always stick to the pan...next time I will follow Mark's advice).

Meg Bouvier

Go Olivia!! That was awesome! By the way, we are still enjoying your yummalicious brownies!

Tim Langdon

Fantastic video. She is a great cook, and a great teacher.

Marc Osten

Thanks Rob. I guess for kids, like for us adults, the peer-to-peer thing works best. If you show it to the kids you can take them directly to her own vlog at: http://sc.blogs.com/olivias_abc_cafe/

Ciao old friend!

Rob Sargent

Awesome. It'll help inspire my kids to mess around in the kitchen. They're just starting to get interested.


Fantastic! I will try not to burn during those 30-45 seconds... :D

Marc Osten

Hey there Ellienne. Just a side not about omelets that stick to the pan. There are some very simple things you can do that do not require a non-stick pan.

1. Grease the pan with a little oil. Just a tad to create a surface for the eggs to slide on.

2. Make sure not to pour your eggs in until the pan is nice and hot.

3. Do not touch the eggs once they are in the pan for at least 30-45 seconds. This will give the eggs a chance to sear and develop the crush they need to slide. Patience.

:) I'm posting an adult version of the how-to make an omelet later this week.


Cutest Chef ever : )

My eggs always used stick on my convection plate. I need that new nonstick non toxic pan... :D

PS: I could smell those onions from here! Mmmm!

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