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Marc Osten

Apollo...I'm SO HAPPY that you have higher speed and can now see my videos. Did you see the new web site that I made for you. http://transform-uganda.typepad.com/blog/

Tell me what I can do to make it better! Ciao!


Yum, I love figs. I also loved that same evening the watermelon/prosciutto combination. Amazing :)

Apollo Opolot

Hi Marc,
All the way from Uganda;we just got broadband installed at transform now its quite faster to access marcs culinary compass


No estŠ± seguro de que esto es verdad:), pero gracias a un cargo.


Marc Osten

Kath - Samba De Mon Coueur Que Bat by Coralie.

kath Hubbard

pretty! Yummy! And I love the music - Madeleine Peyroux?

Marc Osten

Jan - Many years ago a vintner in the Mendocino Valley put a cracker in front of me that was adorned with a fig compote and the smallest crumble of the strongest blue I'd ever tasted. It was a moment that changed my life forever.

A COFFEE granita. Yummy. I'll actually make that one as part of the video.

Linda - did ya here what Jan said about "`tender at the Bone"? Don't forget to bring it with ya to FL.


Figs & a Danish blue! Thanks for sparking my memory, Marc. "Tender at the Bone" is indeed a marvel. I won it as a prize for an essay contest years ago. And I'm in for a granita recipe. I recall a coffee granita at the Bethesda Fountain with my grandmother years and years ago! Stay strong,

Marc Osten

Gavin...were you really here? Are you sure? I know you were invited but never aw you.

Kevin Donegan

From the land of the mass downloads of everything copyrighted... I got the uncensored version. LOVE: "So here in the oven I've got a couple of ducks that have been cooking for a while..." and ah, granitas, so jealous. sex up those figs...


Humm..Figs.. Duck.. Dinner party... Hey, I was there! (and those figs were grand, just grand). And, that music is as sexy as the figs; love it...

Marc Osten

Sinatra's voice did somewhat the same for me but you're right about Coralie's pipes.

A tequila granita....done. I'll post something next week. It really is silly how easy it is.



Marc, I was able to see it with the music, Samba De Mon Coueur Que Bat (a favorite of mine). The song is PERFECT for this episode. The fig has got to be the sexiest, the most sensual fruit of all. Coralie's voice exudes sensuality and ties the two together so well. Bravo!

I WOULD LOVE to see you do something on Granita. It was talked about a lot when I was in Italy, but we never got to taste, or make, it. How about a tequila granita?

great episode!

Marc Osten

I know Matt. I simply can not believe how utterly amazing figs are. There are others things I put in the same category, like mushrooms for example, but there is still something that sets the fig apart. Do you cook with them?



Marc Osten

Linda and Matt - I'm reloading it now and will send out a new email soon. Sorry!


Linda - Will you please, please bring a couple of the books you mentioned. I'm so glad that you enjoy the posts. It feels so great to hear that. Looking forward to see you AND the treats!


Hey Marc:

It's also blocked for me...too bad...I've been craving figs since your "grilled fig and ice cream" video.

Marc Osten

Linda - I'm having no problem on my end regarding the copyright...argh! It sounds like your ISP may have very strict filters. Did you try from home or work?

Will you please, please bring a couple of the books you mentioned.

I'm so glad that you enjoy the posts. It feels so great to hear that. Looking forward to see you AND the treats!

Linda Manning

Ahhhhh... you probably already know that we cant view this post-due to WMG copyright grounds,...what ever ,quite Disappointed, I follow all the posts ,though I seldom comment,I enjoy them to no end!Food is love....Wondering if you've read Ruth Reichels'books? Tender to the Bone,Comfort me with Apples,Garlic and Saphires and her latest,Not becoming my Mother,..Great books that touch my heart and the cook within,if you havent I'd love to bring them along to share with you at the holidays,Let me know,I truely enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing you and your family at the holidays--I'm planning some great treats,as ,I'm sure you are too !!Calories be damned!!!

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