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Marc Osten

bas pour quoi....

it's so ,uch fun, actually easy to make happen....

btw - quite an interesting email address

i thought you were the dutchess


c'est vrai in this house!!

Marc Osten

Michou - What do you mean Jews don't camp? C'est pas vrai!

Micheline Roth DiNardo

So I just watched your smores extravaganza while sitting outside in my garden looking at our mutual yellow blossom..my first thought (which happens to be my motto) is Jews don't camp!

We happen to enjoy the smore on a regular basis here..I even served them as dessert for an outdoor dinner with friends. Forget the micro..they become too gluey, not nice. I happen to be a fan of the well done marshmallow myself but my personal fave, if u haven't already tried this, use nutella!! Merveilleux!!!!

Marc Osten

Rob - Do you have any pics. The mega sounds like a must try.


Love this idea, I get to come on the next camping trip :)

Account Deleted

Great fun. I don't know if you have seen them, but this summer "mega" marshmellows hit the scene. Imagine a marshmellow 4 TIMES as big as the original and then think about the possibilities. My kids and their cousins perfected S'more pies with these beasts. One mega marshmellow toasted to a golden brown, one graham cracker broken in half and one half Hersey bar layered as a sandwich...nothing like it.

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