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My favorite is still the grilled variety, but the smoked one is always juicier. Keep the tastes coming!


A local farmer fellow does the butchering. Charges $3 per bird. He is NY USDA certified.

No zoning issues - we are zoning free. Besides the "being a farm" thing...

So far, cost is $1.95 per bird. That's for each chick, mailed here. From Texas. We will be tracking feed costs - some grain, and as much grass-feeding as they can tolerate in 6 short weeks. Cornish X's are the standard "meat" bird, there are issues, but warrant more discussion than a blog post, but it is too late in the year for any of the long rangers that can be even more pasture-based.

Maybe we should talk before next Spring. Perhaps if the venture is successful and we do it again, we can raise some for you - what's your freezer capacity?

Marc Osten

Ok Melanie - you caught me!

Just 6 weeks from chick to table....who does the butchering?

What are the zoning issues?


Teach me teach me teach me.


So...was there some personal grooming going on while the chickens marinated? Or did the smoker spatchcock off the beard?

My meat chicks just arrived yesterday...we are 6 weeks from spatchcocking! (Gives me 6 weeks to find the kitchen scissors...)

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