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Marc Osten

Mark - I'm hesitant to reply to this one. Do you know what the average man's testicle size is?

From Wikipedia - Testicular size as a proportion of body weight varies widely. In the mammalian kingdom, there is a tendency for testicular size to correspond with multiple mates (e.g., harems, polygamy). Production of testicular output sperm and spermatic fluid is also larger in polygamous animals, possibly a spermatogenic competition for survival. The testes of the right whale are likely to be the largest of any animal, each weighing around 500 kg (1,100 lb).[14] Testis weight also varies in seasonal breeders like deer and horses. The change is related to changes in testosterone production.

mark floegel

So.... the takeaway here.... is that my testicles are bigger than a bull yak's (without mentioning the yak in question six months old or younger).... if only I were still on the singles' scene.... what an opening line...

Marc Osten

Hey everyone...that's Susan who just comments. One of the cool Vermont women in the video.

Susan...I can't believe I put the wrong animal in the opening slide. How lame!


Hi Marc,

Great video! Thanks for sharing.

The only comment I would make is that the animal you used in the opening and closing shot is actually a Scottish Highlander and not a yak. They're cute, but a different animal all together.

Have a great day.



Yakity Yak, testicle talking smack. Loved it!


Hey Kath - Honestly I didn't like the Yak at all. She showed me a sirloin but I didn't taste it. The sausage was a little gamey, kinda of like a merguez sausage in France. DEFINITELY not like chicken.

I should have bought a sirloin to taste but I just couldn't stop thinking about testicles.


Marc - this was so much fun to watch - but what I really want to know is - how did the Yak taste? Did you try it? - Was it gamey (like buffalo - which I have to mix with other things because it has such a strong flavor we aren't used to) - or did it tast like CHICKEN!?


I'll take that as a compliment Eric. What else are you going to discuss with two female Vermont Yak farmers.

Eric Gidseg

And leave it to MArc to open a conversation re: testicles with two Vermont women!

Just back from Montreal where we heard lots of great music and ate some great food. I need to spend some time learning more French!



Ken...I'm not so sure the woman in pink was as patient as she was secretly, or not so secretly, enjoying the whole thing. Next year I'm going back to direcly go at the really important topic - penis size!

So glad you watched this one. I'm not surprised that you enjoyed it. :)


The woman in pink was very patient, the other woman, was not into going along with your schtick. "Balls," said the queen, " if I had 'em, I'd been king! "

Marc Osten

Thanks Rox. It was so much fun making this...a little bit more than usual knowing that you were there the whole time to witness the silliness.

Next weeks it's donuts or Indian pudding. Which do you think should go forst?

Roxanne Rapaport



Well Melanie...you know I pride myself on my ability to get people to open up, to share their deep dark side. Could you believe Kate. What a good sport!


only you....could pull that one off...

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