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The U.S., especially multi-national corporations and wealthy investors, NEED the growth of other nations for good returns. The U.S. is washed up for quite a while in terms of growth, so they're looking elsewhere. If we threaten war with any of these growing countries - our multi-nationals and investors get kicked out - and I don't think they'll allow that to happen.


I am s so so so so EXCITED that you could see this. What Internet connection did you use. Did you go to the Internet cafe in Kumi? Did you like the video?


Oh my she must be more sweeter than the juice,i can see it in her look.

Marc Osten

She is. Honestly the juice was good but nothing any more special than a fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.


Tina seems as sweet as the passion fruit juice. I was wishing I could see it poured and enjoyed. Was it good?

Marc Osten

...but oh it wasn't a dream...and I spent every night with her and others as beautiful, male and female...cooking, drinking, laughing and simply basking in the glow of new friend infatuation!

Jeanne Kirby

A beautiful woman making something with tropical fruit - I would imagine Dave has this dream regularly.

Marc Osten

I know...she's bubbly, affectionate, sweet and spicy...all at the same time.

Jonathan Klate

Tina is sensational!

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