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Marc Osten

Hey Kath - Goodness...I hate when that happens. Olivia, who is now nine, ate a cherry 5 years ago that had a tiny worm in it. She still refuses to eat them...even when I cut it open and take out the pit for her.

So as far as your raspberry vinaigrette (the French spelling), have you tried making it yourself. I've done it a few times with only moderate success. I have however had great success diversifying my base vinaigrette with an incredible product I used to buy when we lived in France.

I actually have a few bottles of it...I'll pump out a Culinary Compass about them next week.

kath Hubbard

Hey - at least your kids eat lettuce. We had a lovely experience with our oldest daughter who gagged on a piece of lettuce when she was 10 and has never eaten a leaf again. (She's now 13). Our youngest will eat a salad but only if I use this very specific raspberry vinegar in the vinegrette - which costs $10 a bottle at our favorite Italian specialty shop.


I am with the kids, no brown curly pieces please, and mostly sweet lettuces with a touch of spicy! Keep up the variety of dressings, and I will make some too :)

Marc Osten

I think variety is probably the most important thing. I'm starting to do more specific salads like just spinach with some warm almonds and goat cheese or just romaine with macerated sugary strawberries and a balsamic vinaigrette. Crazy stuff but fun.

sharon stainsby

ha ha ha! Great episode! I have the same problem with runner beans because there are soooooo many from my allotment. I reckon my children lasted about a week before declaring their hatred for them. I suppose variety is the spice of life and growing your own does mean a lot in one go :o)

Marc Osten

I'm trying my best to live up to my potential Melanie.


Good job. Can see you have been applying yourself. More for us!

(Madison won't come near the stuff, either.)

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