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Marc Osten

Jeanne - What a lovely thought...a blistering hot day with the scent of melting pork fat in the air.

I'm expecting some of dem ribs when I visit later this summer.

Jeanne Kirby

On the hottest summer day in VT this year Dave did smoked ribs (see photo) – local, organic from farmer in next town over – in a smoker that we were given by friends five years ago and had never been touched. Yes, your Culinary Compass episode inspired us. Thinking of you and Daniel – be safe. Love, Jeanne

P.S. They were delicious!!

Marc Osten

Hey Joe - Thanks! Nice to know you check these out occasionally. OK...on to your question. You wrote, "How much smoke does the smoker put out? Could you use a smoker in an Townhouse development without making your neighbors angry?"

Great questions! OK, so the indoor smokers are ok as long as you have a good stove fan and/or great cross ventilation. Angry neighbors...what are those? Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah..............ANGRY neighbors. I guess there are some things you could consider. I've never done any of these but people tell me they have...with great success.

1. Find out what types of foods they like best. If it's smokable, smoke it and deliver it with that manipulative smile!

2. Photoshop them into some very incriminating photos and threaten to release it to the Daily News if they complain about your smoke.

3. Stop smoking.....ooooops...no don't do that.

4. Smoke when they are on vacation.

5. Pay the relevant townhouse development staff off.

6. Get a fan and kick it into high gear so it ventilates out a non-neighbor facing window.

7. Use a food smoking water bong system so the smoke smells nice when it is spews out.

8. Smoke a lot of other 'good' stuff, preferably good smelling, sticky, tasty stuff, while you are smoking your foods to mask the fishy smell. If folks complain at least you'll be more 'relaxed' as they 'blah blah blah' in your face about your fishy smoked food smells.

9. Move to a different Townhouse on the island.

10. Leave Long Island and settle where the grass is greener...heehee!

sharon stainsby

Those pesky aliens!

Marc Osten

That's what I've heard. In fact apparently the aliens carried British Passports to avoid suspicion while entering the USA.

sharon stainsby

The judges must have been abducted by aliens to not have chosen you!

Joe Garnick

Great episode! I have been waiting for you to cover this. I have had Marks smoked tuna and it is fantastic! I do have a quick question. How much smoke does the smoker put out? Could you use a smoker in an Townhouse development without making your neighbors angry?

Marc Osten

Melanie - It actually is a really fun show. A little too much drama and not enough cooking but still fun.

As far as the microwave...tell me more.


Well...I would have to WATCH that program in order to boycott it...and why do that, when I found you?

I mean, really...

And we do not have a microwave, either. Why? It's not necessary. Simple enough.

Marc Osten

Kath - you are such a sweetie...really! Warms my heart to know you are watching and enjoying these...and I loved your 'Why I own a microwave' episode. The two of us are like 2 peas in a pod.

Folks out there...check it out at:


Kath Hubbard

How can they do that! Shocking! I love your last entry - by the way - so much fun!

I keep forgetting to add your email to my blog list (going to do it right now) - but here's my latest entry - http://kath-whatsfordinnertonight.blogspot.com/

Hope you're well - winding up for summer? I am looking forward to sitting on my back porch and drinking coffee while my daughters sleep in.


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