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I might be beaitng a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

CiCi Ellienne

You make eating a lovely pasttime just to WATCH. You eating those cookies look scrumptious.

PS: What an adventure. Wish you had taped your entire Amsterdam eatings. :D

Marc Osten

Hey Ginny. Thanks! It's nice to know you are watching some of these.


Enjoyed the cookie one, yummy!!! Ginny

Marc Osten

Very funny Barry. So that's the sympathy I get for dropping my laptop.

and BTW - What's wrong with jelly and toast anyway. It's a staple in France - called a tartine. Baguette sliced lengthwise and lightly toasted. Buttered for you and then with some fresh jam on the side...delicieux.

Barry Derfel

yeow, when all else fails just gotta live in the moment, I guess. "just when life looks like easy street..." (i.e. eating all kinds of chocolate and other ridiculously good looking stuff for breakfast while the rest of us are sitting here eating toast and jelly)

Marc Osten

Sorry Ellen....all gone. I shared them with the Argentinian guys who were sleeping in the bus shelter next to mine.

Ellen Rocco

My favorite one yet. Any leftover cookies for our next visit?

Marc Osten

Come on Lisa... at least share one food thing.

Lisa Silverberg

I love how you make movies out of stuff I would probably try to avoid mentioning about my trials and tribulations -- hahaha
at least you had cookies!



Marc Osten

Thanks Andy. It really was a fun experience...except for the part when I slept in a rain soaked bus stop. I guess you have to be zen about these things...and I was.

Ya gotta definitely get your hands on those cookies and don't forget to visit my sandwich making friend.


This is hilarious. Can't wait to find some of those cookies when I'm in Amsterdam in 2 weeks!

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