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Marc Osten

Josh - OK...I know I shouldn't say it but I'M JEALOUS!

I love the ham museum but there are so many other spots...that is what I love about Madrid. I can eat my breakfast ham at the museum and then lunch ham and dinner ham in other spots.

Marc Osten

Tell me about it Liz. Not many days pass that I don't dream about standing at the counter....reading, looking, tasting...

Josh Hoole

I've just come back from a stag do in Madrid and our favourtie place was this Ham Museum - what a great place...although we mostly enjoyed the cervezas for €1! I think the idea of a deli and a bar together should be in every city though!

Liz Hare

what a wonderful thing to come home to....
hanging out in Madrid for a few minutes...
listening to spanish...
the locals.... love the tights... and I especially love the name Paola
and the ham was good too!

Marc Osten

Thanks James (Multivitamins)


Great to have read what you have just written! Nice thoughts! Thanks and hoping to read more from you. Keep the posts coming!

Marc Osten

Ian...25 years! I'm not sure if I should congratulate you or berate you.

Ian Runeckles

Sorry Marc, no idea about the UK - haven't eaten the stuff for 25 years...

Marc Osten

Right on Kevin. Bellotas! Francis, Nina's husband, mentioned in her comment that "it's not about more or less fat, but how the fat is distributed."

I have no idea what the heck that means. Francis? Nina? Anyone?

Kevin Donegan

I think the jamón Iberico is from pigs that have only eaten acorns!

Marc Osten

Ahhhhh....now I get it Nina. TOTALLY COOL!

Gregoire, Fanny, Leslie - Do you know what the deal is in France? Is it the same as what Nina mentioned?

Sharon and Sarah and Ian - What about in the UK?


So, what the lovely lady told you was that the price and quality depend on what the pig eats. Ham fed on acorns (bellotas) is more expensive because it has less fat. But Francis says it's not about more or less fat, but how the fat is distributed. The price is also affected by where the pig comes from - different regions are known for better pigs. And then there is the type of pig - the "pata negra" (black foot) is supposed to be very good.

It is, indeed, a science!

I didn't realize that Colleen was with you. Have lots of fun! There are some very nice bars on the corners of Calle Jesus and Calle Lope de Vega (over near the Prado, off Las Huertas). La Dolores, I think, is the beautiful old one, but there are cheaper, good ones nearby.

Marc Osten

Hey Jennifer - Lima....work of pleasure?

I can't imagine that there aren't various forms of cured swine there. I love the image of your day smuggling an entire jamon into Pakistan in his diplomatic pouch. I always think of people smuggling things OUT of Pakistan, not in.

It reminds me of how my mom used to smuggled saucisson into the states for me when I was a wee little boy. In those days you couldn't find good French sausage anywhere in the states...or so she said!

Jennifer Keller Jackson

my dad used to smuggle in an entire jamon serrano in the diplomatic pouch into Pakistan when we lived there...no ham in islamic countries! I have fond memories and to this day think of him when I buy proscuitto at wholefoods

I'm in Lima for 10 days - I'll see if they eat jamon here.


Marc Osten

Very funny Sharon...hammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

I really can't believe how amazing those beautiful animals are. They give us so much. More than any other meat I think.

I'm actually getting my hands on one next spring and am going to cure my own jamon, make pate and sausage. Can't wait!


mmmmmm, or more appropriately, haaaaammmmmmmm :o)

Marc Osten

Eric, I'm not sure I'd be so much fun with anyone but you and a handful of a few close friends with.

What I really want to try though is my own TV show....now that would be fun. Miss ya tons my friend....always seem to say that don't I?


Marc...Sign me up for your first culinary tour. I'm serious man. Wouldn't people love to visit places with you and share your appreciation for food? Eric

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