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Marc Osten

Hey Sarah - You're right...the pastry did look a bit like a beaver tail....but not nearly as good. As far as my Spanish I'm pathetic...I know. The reality is I am terrible with languages in general. Wierd as my dad spoke 9 and my mom spoke 5 languages.


Sarah Lord Soares

I LOVE this....churros e chocolate for breakfast after dancing all night! ummmm. They looked not too dissimilar to the beavers tails.
I am very surprised at your spanish though Marc, whats going on?? :)

Marc Osten

Jan - Sounds like a great idea but the Spanish would kill us. Mustard is nowhere to be found. They put chorizo on top of their cured ham instead of any condiments.

Marc Osten

From Jan Tymorek (Posted by Marc)

We should get together with them: we have the mustard museum!

Marc Osten

Jamie...it is a real place...really....I'll have it up mon or tues...you will die when you see the place

Jamie Elkin

jamon museum c'mon now

Marc Osten

I know barry...life's tough. Well what can I say. It's very hard on us. We feel very guilty....NOT

Barry Derfel

What are you two trying to do to the rest of us?!?!?

Marc Osten

Goodness you are incredibly generous...it feel so good to know that someone is watching and getting some pleasure from these.


As a lover of good food I get so much pleasure from watching your pleasure as you share these delights. Now I'm off to find something good to eat :o)

Marc Osten

Sounds like a plan! Are you talented on camera? :)

Clare Bertrand

Our mouths are watering...anytime you want bring us along and we'll be your "guest correspondents" ;)
Love, Clare and Grace

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