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Marc Osten

Sharon - Well you go girl. Upload a video to UTube and I'll feature it. :)

And in the meantime tell us the areas in town you'd go. Give us the goods girl!


I think it is unfair to suggest that British street food is represented by burger vans outside a football match. We are certainly not better than the French when it comes to food. But I don't want people out there to think that we only have poor street food in the UK. If you know where to go in London then you can find some delicious street food. I did tell you that there was a street food market down the road next to our office, did you sample the food there? I think you would have been very pleasantly surprised. Perhaps I'll get my camera out and send you a counter-episode for London Street Food!!

Marc Osten

Very funny Tony. And kinda true. But I have to say things are getting better. in fact many respectable foodies are saying that London is slowly becoming a culinary mecca. I doubt it. However there are some things that are great. Did you see the 4 part series I did about the Rock 'n Sole Plaice. Here is the link to the first one:



Unfair to compare British fast food with French. French fast food is better than most English sit-down food! This was a great Episode Marc. Wish I was there with you. Eric

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