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Daniel Osten

Way too much chucky it's like freakin chucky cheeses and I don't get nightmares

Daniel Osten

Way too much chucky it's like freakin chucky cheeses and I don't get nightmares

Marc Osten

Come on Col you know you'll get the good soon! As far as Chucky II, I just heard from Paramount Pictures and am really bummed. They've notified me that I've infringed on their copyright of Chucky and they are reconsidering the pitch I made to them for a featured length film staring Alex, Chucky's less violent cousin.


That really got me needing chocolate. There wasn't even a picture of chocolate in the footage, but I can tell it is there somewhere! This was a tantalizing appetizer before the main event next week. I am anxiously awaiting Chucky II - perhaps "Killer Fudge!"

Marc Osten

I know what you mean Leslie! He is a sweet and delicious guy! As friendly in person as he is on camera. We've gotten to know him over the years and hope to celebrate Murdick's 50th with him in 19 years when Olivia turns 29, Danie is 34 and Col and I are in our late.....oh forget about that part!

Marc Osten

Sharon - My son Daniel said the exact same thing...too much Chucky and not enough fudge. I promise next week to satisfy your hunger for more of the real stuff!


Is Mike married? I'd give up my crush on the chocolatier in St. Remy for him!

But on another note, what's the obsession with Alex, Marc?!



The doll is scary!! But seriously, not enough footage of the fudge - I was ready to see mouth-watering delicous looking fudge..... Still - I'm off to get a chocolate brownie now :o)

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