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Marc Osten

Kevin - Do you have a good recipe for the elk balls? I once had bull balls during a festival in western Scotland but they were poorly prepared.

Kevin Donegan

I'm partial to Elk balls myself. Incidentally, can be made with the same fried dough recipe. You're looking good, man. Plus that skating stop flourish at the beginning was impressive.

Marc Osten

Dude....I figured a Canadian out there would be monitoring my post for accuracy. Can you share a little bit about the beaver attire that your currently sport. BTW - Next week Im posting a video about the maple syrup confection you refer to.


Beavers! Naah. That’s tasty pastry.

You can’t fool a Canadian. We like sugar and fat and stuff. We WEAR beavers. (oh speaking of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhyCL-ELRxg ) It’s my favorite beaver short.

But.. strangely, just last weekend, we had a conversation with friends.. a woman who is from RI – (Catholic French Canadian mother and father). She described …. Filling a tub with snow and pouring hot syrup (she thought either brown sugar or maple) on the snow and then rolling it up on a fork and eating it…. The next day I saw your post on face book and had to send it to her, with a laugh. She thought it was because her parents were cheap. I explained that no, they were just Canadian.


Marc Osten

Really. I find the spots indicative of a tougher interior as wellas bitter... and now come to think of it, in fact it was a French trapper who mentioned this to me while we were sharing some smoked squirrel thighs.

Matt Rezac

I personally will pay a premium for beaver tails WITH spots, contrary to the video's suggestion of making sure they're spotless. I think the notion that spotted beaver tails taste bitter is just an old wives's tale, probably cooked up by some French trapper who wanted the tasty spotteds all to her/himself.

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